2017 – part sessions

– I PS 2017 (January)

I) Overview membership UEL

Document: UEL_20170201

II) Overview speakers list

Document: Group I PS 2017d

III) Verbatim records of speeches delivered by UEL members

Document: VR I ps 2017

IV) Link to recordings of speeches on YOUTUBE


V) Adopted reports of UEL members


(JÓNASSON, Ögmundur – Developments in the social functioning of trade unions / An urgent call for increased solidarity: the right to work, the right to strike)

VI) Link to photo gallery: I PS 2017


VII) Overview election observations 2017

Document: Election Observations 2017

VIII) List of motion for resolutions and written declarations tabled by UEL members

IX) Reports under preparation

  • LOUCAIDES, George – Political transition in Tunisia
  • HUNKO, Andrej – Increased income inequalities are a threat to social cohesion

  • HUNKO, Andrej – The honouring of obligations and commitments by Albania

  • KOX, Tiny – Defending the acquis of the Council of Europe: preserving 65 years of successful intergovernmental co-operation

X) Minutes

Document: Minutes I ps 2017

XI) Agenda I ps 2017

Document: document-agenda Ips2017