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Internship opportunity

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Paid Internship

About the UEL Group

1. The Group of the Unified European Left (UEL) at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) operates in the framework set out by PACE: to promote and protect human rights, rule of law and democracy. The Group is in particular inspired by the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter and by other conventions, arrangements and activities which promote and protect human dignity, social and gender equality, organized solidarity and sustainable development of the planet.

Purpose of the internship programme

2. The UEL Group is offering an internship programme for graduate students from disciplines related to the work of the Council of Europe interested in the work of the Group of the Unified European Left (see: http://gue-uel.org/)

3. The internship intends to

– provide a solid working environment which is of mutual benefit for the intern and the Group

– provide the intern with an insight into the work of the UEL Group and the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

– increase the intern’s understanding about the working of the leading human rights organization in Europe, namely the Council of Europe;

– increase the intern’s awareness about current human and social rights issues at the international level;

– enable the intern to work in a dynamic and professional international environment;

– enable the intern to attend the debates and Group meetings during the part sessions, conduct research related to the working fields of the Group and the Council of Europe, draft analytical papers, reports, articles and other documents related to the working of the UEL Group

– provide the UEL Group with versatile (administrative, technical, secretarial, translation and analytical) assistance and support.


Qualifications required

4. The intern shall be selected from graduate students in disciplines related to the work ofthe Council of Europe. Applicants must have an excellent command of English and a very good level of French. Knowledge of additional languages, in particular Italian and Spanish, shall be considered as an asset.

5. The intern must be able to work both independently and as part of a team and possess excellent research-skills. He/she must have proven ability to work in a multicultural working environment and must be able to multitask under pressure.

Internship dates and duration

6. The UEL Group will only employ one intern during the specified internship. The duration of the internship will cover the period 20/06-04/07/2018 and 3-17/10/2018.


Conditions of service

7. According to the prevailing French legislation, asylum seekers are not permitted to seek any form of employment, whether paid or unpaid, including internship.

8. Interns are not considered officials or staff members of the Council of Europe.

9. Interns are assigned to work with a supervisor who is responsible for providing him/her with a description of duties and a work plan.

10. The work plan is divided into the period during and outside the part sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly. The intern is expected to stay in Strasbourg during the internship period indicated in point 6. The working hours during the part sessions exceed ordinary working hours. During the period outside the session the intern is expected to exercise a supportive role to the UEL Group’s secretariat and may be required to conduct research assignments and other analytical or administrative tasks in the Group’s office.

11. Internships with the Unified European Left Group are remunerated. The fixed remuneration is €1000 in total for the entire period of the internship. Weekend work and overtime (especially during the Assembly week) may be required. No additional payment shall be awarded.

12. Interns are not considered officials or staff members of the Council of Europe.

13. Travel costs arising from travelling at the start of the internship and returning at the end of the internship shall be refunded with a maximum of €150 if the intern comes from within the Schengen-area and €300 if the intern comes from out of the Schengen-area.

14. The UEL Group is unable to assist you with acquiring a Schengen visa.

15. Living expenses in France must be covered by the remuneration proposed as outlined in point 11. Any additional costs must be covered by the intern him- or herself or by a sponsoring institution. Interns are themselves responsible for obtaining visas and for finding accommodation. In Strasbourg, interns are provided, upon arrival, with a Council of Europe access badge and general information about the UEL Group, PACE and the Council of Europe.

16. Neither the UEL Group nor the Council of Europe accepts any responsibility for costs arising from accidents and/or illness incurred during an internship. Interns must have their own health insurance. In case of illness or other circumstances which might prevent the completion of the internship, interns will inform their supervisor.

17. There is no expectancy of employment at the end of the internship.

18. Interns are expected to work full-time and to carry out the duties assigned to them.

19. They do not receive annual leave during the period of the internship.

20. Interns are otherwise bound by the same duties and obligations as regular staff members and must in particular, respect that all confidential and (un)published information obtained during the course of the internship may not be used by interns without the written authorization of their supervisor.

21. The intern is requested to take his or her own PC to the office, based in Strasbourg.


Termination of the internship

22. At the end of the internship, the intern is expected to deliver a short evaluation of his/her internship experience which should be sent to the UEL General Secretary at latest two week after the end of the internship.

23. For reimbursement of the travel costs the intern should provide invoices and original transportation tickets of travel expenses together with the bank account details.

24. The remuneration for the internship will be transferred to the provided banking account number within two weeks after the termination of the internship as outlined in the agreement.


Procedure for applying

25. Applicants should submit the following documentation:

– a covering letter in English stating the reason for applying to the internship programme and how the internship fits in his/her future career goals (1 A4 page max.);

– a detailed curriculum vitae in English;

– a standard passport photograph;

– a copy of the picture page of the passport;

– a copy of the social and medical cover.

26. Please indicate in your application if you have or do not have a valid Schengen visa for the period of the internship.

27. Incomplete applications shall not be considered.

28. Closing date for the application is 20/5/2018. Interviews shall take place in Strasbourg, Belgium or through Skype.

29. Travel costs to and from the place of interview cannot be reimbursed.

30. Due to the large amount of applications, only selected candidates shall be contacted.


Address for applications

Applications should be submitted electronically to the e-mail address mentioned below and should not exceed 2MB


They can be also sent by regular mail to the address mentioned below:


Secretary General of the Group of the Unified European Left

Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe

Palais de l’Europe | Avenue de l’Europe | F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex | France

Office 5158/60

For more information, you can visit the website: http://gue-uel.org