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UEL Chairman, Mr. Kox: “Fighting terrorism should not undermine the rule of law in Europe”

According to the report and resolution which were presented by UEL Chairman Mr. Kox and received a large majority in the Parliamentary Assembly, the fight against terrorism and the protection of the rule of law are not contradictory, but complementary. The ones, who fight terrorism by restricting human rights, only bring grist to terrorists’ mills.


“Member of the Council of Europe have the right and obligation to protect their citizens against terror, simultaneously, they must also continue to guarantee the basic values ​​of the European Convention on Human Rights; only then terrorism can be overcome”, said Mr. Kox, rapporteur of the report on Combating international terrorism while protecting Council of Europe standards and values.


The resolution notes that the earlier “war on terror” following the attacks in 2001 in the U.S. has been misleading and unhelpful and undermined the framework of international human rights. Therefore it must...

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UEL Chairman, Mr. Kox shows deep concern about the freedom of assembly in Ukraine

The Chairman of the Unified European Left Group at the Parliamentary Assembly, Mr. Kox, reiterated today that the prohibition of the Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) is not in line with the international rule of law, according to the judgment and report of the Venice Commission, European Commission for Democracy through Law.

The European practice shows that the communist and left parties act free in the European countries and are represented in the National Parliaments, PACE and the European Parliament.

In this regard, the Unified European Left Group asked in a written letter sent to the President of Ukraine, Mr. Poroshenko, to support the Communist Party of Ukraine.

The UEL Group has repeated that the political parties must be able to do their work, “because political parties should not be banned, but should be enabled to participate in the political debate which should take place in a healthy democracy. The final judgment about...

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UEL President, Mr. Kox: Time to overcome tensions between PACE and the Russian delegation

The decision of both houses of Parliament, the State Duma and the Federation Council of Russia, not to present credentials for the January session of PACE would not be seen as a positive gesture, said the UEL President, Mr. Kox and reiterated further that “hopefully the sides would use the time between January and September to overcome tensions, so that from end of this year the Russian Parliament will function again in our Assembly."

Mr. Kox explained that "credentials can only be presented in each January part session or after general elections. This means the next moment to present the Russian credentials would be after the State Duma elections, at the beginning of the 4th part session in September / October. In between the Russian delegation would not be able to participate in the Assembly's activities.” If no credentials are presented, they can’t be either reviewed or challenged.


Mr Kox intends to discuss the issue on short notice with the Russian delegation. Both the Communist Party as...

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