UEL statement on the disproportionate use of police force during demonstrations in France

(EN) We, members of the Unified European Left group in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, in view of the alarming information in our possession on the disproportionate use of force in the police management of demonstrations in… Continue Reading

Unified European Left: There can be no democracy in Turkey without justice for the HDP

The UEL strongly condemns an eventual ban of the HDP, a party democratically elected by millions of Turkish people. The politically motivated actions by the Turkish government against the Party should immediately stop. The justice system needs to remain fully… Continue Reading

UEL Member Paul Gavan, rapporteur on the humanitarian consequences of the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict welcomes the progress made on both sides

Paul Gavan (Sinn Féin, Ireland) rapporteur on the humanitarian consequences of the conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan welcomed the news of the release of 15 Armenian captives and the handing over to Azerbaijan of a map showing almost 100,000 landmines… Continue Reading