PACE appalled about harassment of its members

PACE appalled about harassment of its members

ZIUPOn 30 January 2015, during the Bureau meeting of the Parliamentary Assembly the President of the Assembly, Mrs. Brasseur made official apologies addressed to M Melnikov and M Ziuganov for the incident which involved an attack on these PACE members by two members of the Ukrainian Parliament on 26 January, the opening day of the First Part Session.

The President announced that she regrets what happened: after being informed about this incident by M Kox, this issue was straight away discussed with the Secretary General. The Secretary General of the Council of Europe, M Jagland said to have taken measures in order to improve the overall security of the Council of Europe buildings.

The Secretary General of PACE informed that this information is forwarded to the French police in order to carry out an investigation.

Further, Mrs. Brasseur informed that she will write a letter to the Ukrainian Parliament for clarification and to raise awareness of the unacceptance of this behaviour.

The Speaker of the Ukrainian delegation, M Ariev also pronounced his apologies and informed that this case will be raised in the Ukrainian Parliament in order to take the necessary measures.