UEL Chair welcomes release of Palestinian PACE member Khalida Jarrar

UEL Chair Tiny Kox welcomes yesterday’s release of Mrs Khalida Jarra, who was held by Israeli forces in administration detention since 2 July 2017. Mrs Jarrar is a member of the Palestinian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe. In the past, over 275 organisations campaigned for her release. Her illegal detention was also debated several times in the parliamentary assembly. Kox: ‘In my opinion it is unacceptable that Israel, which state has a guest status in the Council of Europe, continiously hinders representatives of the state of Palestine, which has the status of ‘partner for democracy’ with the Council of Europe, to do their work in the parliamentary assembly. It would be needed to consider how we could put more pressure on Israel to behave as it should behave, in the context of the Council of Europe.’

Photo: Mrs Khalida Yarrar meets her daughter Yafa after bein released from imprisonment.