UEL Vice President ,Mr. Hunko visits Mr. Petrenco in pre-trial detention

Vice-president of UEL, Mr. Hunko came to Moldova on 27/11 to visit Mr. Petrenco, former member of the Unified European Left Group, honorary member of PACE and the leader of the Red bloc, who is still being held in custody.

The Court of Appeal hasn’t given its ruling yet, but it seems that all the allegations against Mr. Petrenco are constructed, which makes him the victim of the current oligarch regime. UEL vice-president Mr. Hunko also made clear that there’s a risk for Mr. Petrenco to be imprisoned for 8 years, in case the international community won’t persist in its demands to free the political prisoners and to return them to their rightful posts.

While anti-government protests are still ongoing and people are demanding better governance and an end to widespread corruption, the situation in Moldova has been debated during the plenary session of the European Parliament last week in Strasbourg. Several European parliamentarians have criticised the authorities during the plenary debate who are not making efforts to release the political prisoners who participated in peaceful protests and are now in pre-trial detention where some of their human rights are being violated.

Upon proposal of the UEL President, Mr. Kox, the chairman of the Committee on the Honoring of Obligations and Commitments by Member States of the Council of Europe (monitoring committee), Mr. Schennach, has decided to make a fact finding mission to Moldova in December.