UEL vice-chairs call for de-escalation in Russia – Ukraine crisis


The UEL group is deeply concerned about the increased escalation between Ukraine and Russia.

The UEL calls on both countries and all other geopolitical players to de-escalate the tensions and resolve the conflict by diplomatic means.

It must be clear: war cannot be an option in any circumstances.

Therefore, the UEL urges all parties involved, no matter the geographical location or political views to de-escalate and increase dialogue on all levels to avoid any act that could lead to military confrontation.

The UEL calls on all Council of Europe member states to increase their efforts in finding a peaceful solution to guarantee the security for all citizens in Europe.

The UEL also calls on the Council of Europe’s Committee of Ministers and Parliamentary Assembly to examine how and in which way they could provide their good services to achieve de-escalation.


Vice-chairs of the Unified European Left group

Andrej Hunko (Die Linke, Germany)

George Katrougalos (SYRIZA, Greece)

Hisyar Özsoy (HDP, Turkey)