UEL Chair Kox sets out Assembly’s vision on the Council of Europe’s strategic priorities

By adopting a resolution and recommendation based on the report prepared by UEL Chair Tiny Kox (Netherlands, UEL), the PACE parliamentarians underlined today that “the Council of Europe’s overall priority should be to remain the pillar of democratic security and genuine multilateralism in Europe and preserve its identity as an independent forum for political dialogue and co-operation,” as stated by Mr. Kox.  

Mr. Kox stressed that “the Council of Europe’s unique conventional system, with the European Convention on Human Rights and the European Social Charter at its coremust be further enhanced and upheld by designing new instruments to respond to emerging challenges.”

The overwhelming majority of the Assembly also agreed with Mr. Kox that “the implementation of the Convention on Human Rights in all member States must remain the top priority for the Council of Europe. Accession of the European Union to the Convention, will strengthen the relevance of the Council of Europe and the Convention and should therefore be a priority as well.”

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