UEL on COVID-fact-finding mission to San Marino

To get first hand information on how the Republic of San Marino is reacting to the COVID-crisis, a UEL-delegation paid a short fact-finding visit to one of Europe’s smallest states. The delegation included UEL Chair Tiny Kox, vice-Chair Andrej Hunko, General Secretary Anna Kolotova and the leader of the San Marino delegation to PACE Marco Nicolini.

The delegation also discussed the position of small states in the Council of Europe and its institutions. The delegation met with several ministers, as well as with health care workers,  representatives of trade unions and the PACE-delegation. UEL was invited by its member party RETE, which participates in the government of San Marino.

On the picture from left to right:

Mr Marco Nicolini, Mr Andrej Hunko, Mr Massimo Andrea Ugolini, Secretary of State for Justice and the Family, Mr Tiny Kox, Ms Anna Kolotova