UEL Chair: “If our governments take the Council of Europe and its conventions serious, they should put their money where their mouths are”

In the broadcast of the Alex Salmond Show from the 4th of January 2017 Mr. Tiny Kox, chairman of the UEL-group, was interviewed about the future of the Council of Europe.   During the autumn session of PACE, when the… Continue Reading

PACE Presidential Committee to hold an exchange of views with the Russian Parliament

During the PACE Presidential Committee meeting in Copenhagen it was decided to invite the representatives of the Russian Parliament to participate in discussions about the future of the Council of Europe and the role of PACE. Earlier during their visit… Continue Reading

Chairman Tiny Kox to represent the Group of the Unified European Left during the commemorations of 100 years of the October Socialist Revolution

  During the commemoration events in St. Petersburg and Moscow from 3-7 November Mr. Kox (The Netherlands) participated among other events in the international forum of Left Forces « October 1917: Breakthrough towards Socialism » where he highlighted the binding European Convention… Continue Reading